Work in Progress


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24/12000 0Started rough plotting, with characters background.
25/121140001400Had the whole day to write, but struggle due to lack of motivation. Need to fix my discipline.
26/121001400Lazy, busy with work. Writing always pushed to last on the agenda, by then too lazy to do anything.
27/121160003000Took leave from work, but was away from afternoon. Had chance to make up, but didn’t start.
28/121,2520008200Had the whole day to write. Can be much more productive. Darn Candy Crush.
29/122,34600012800Had whole day to write, on another roll but realized that I take very long to warm up. Few hours of procrastinating before I started producing, need to find ways to bypass. Also, my wrist was acting a little from all the typing.
30/12000Working the whole day, from the moment I wake till I sleep.
31/123300013100Had day off to write too. But work a bit on day job that took up whole day. Really hate it when it happens
1/13,43600016700Writing on New Year. Starting to get into the middle but feels like it bogging now. Need a way to spice things up.