Cheapest Way to Get Netflix Premium

It’s a Friday night and there is nothing to do. I heard that there are all these new and exciting shows on Netflix. I wanted to watch them but I don’t have a subscription. Being a broke college student, I am trying to find the best deal to satisfy my itch while paying a little as possible so that the rest can go to my meal budget. What should I do?

Actually, I’m not in college or financially constraint. I also don’t watch Netflix. What I am interest in, however, is using geoarbitrage to get better price for deals. More of a challenge to see how I can get the best bang for the buck.

Cheapest Netflix Account from Around The World

Thanks to President Erdogan destroying the Turkish Lira, a Turkish Netflix account is by far, the best value for money. A Turkish Netflix basic plan goes for TRY 27 a month, or RM8.3 based on a RM1 : TRY3.25 exchange rate. The same plan goes for RM35 in Malaysia, and a Malaysia plan is actually on the cheaper end globally.

A Turkish Netflix premium plan goes for TRY 55 a month, or RM16.9. The same plan cost for RM55 in Malaysia. It cost three times more for a Netflix premium plan in Malaysia than in Turkey. You can apply your own local currency exchange rate to calculate for your own view.

Why So Cheap?

Netflix pricing, as well as many others, are designed around how to maximize revenue to the company. And in case of places with lower disposable income, the best strategy is to price them lower so that more people will pay to watch.

Which is why things tend to be more expensive around the Western economies, the people there has more relative disposable income and had expect the higher price.


  • a Netflix Gift Card
  • a VPN. You need the VPN to set up the Netflix account only, not to watch Netflix.

Buying Gift Card

The first step is to buy a Netflix gift card. Can buy the gift card here, and follow the redeeming instruction there. If the credit runs out, can top up account by buying another gift card.

Setting Up Netflix Account

  1. Turn on VPN and set location to Turkey. The IP address needs to point to Turkey.
  2. Go to and enter the gift card code.
  3. Select the package (Premium plan).
  4. And you are done.
  5. Total cost so far is TRY55, or RM16.9 a month.

Stretching the Money Even More

If RM16.9 a month is still too expensive, we can stretch this even more. The reason we go with the premium plan is not only because we can watch in Ultra HD, we can watch at up to 4 devices at the same time. Netflix also allows to create 5 different profile accounts.

So, you can find 3 other people to join in on the plan and watch at the same time (4 if you want to stretch it because can create 5 profiles). One will be the main account holder, while the other profiles will be the sub-accounts. The main account will create the account, while the other will pay their share of the fees.

Total Cost for a Netflix Premium Account

VPN – Free or Paid – One-time only

Premium Netflix Subscription (via gift card) – TRY55 a month

Share with 3 other users – TRY13.75 a month, or RM4.2 a month.

That’s the cheapest way to get a Netflix premium plan, a 10x reduction compared to paying RM55 for a Netflix premium plan in Malaysia.

Note: Use this at your own risk.