Winter 2008 Reading List

By Lu



My reading for this break.

The last hurdle was overcame. Currently, Winter Break is approaching and I finally had time to finish off some of the readings I had been working on. Between unwinding myself after the semester and preparing for my travel plan, I still need to attend an external examination right at the beginning of next semester, so, this break might not offer the free time I was hoping for after all.

I used to read from a lot of genres and still is a great fan of a number of them, especially those deduction novels such as Sherlock Holmes cases and the adventures of Arsene Lupin, gentleman burglar. I used to spent countless hours in front of the computer reading public domain literature to satisfy my thirst. From Frankenstein to Iliad to Einstein theory of relativity, I wasted my holidays scanning through the digital pixels which formed into the story itself. However, I also blamed Project Gutenberg for the loss of my 20/20 eye vision because I went for eye check before and after the first time I discovered Project Gutenberg, my eyesight lost 50 points. And reading on screen cause d such pain to the eyes as well as slowing down my reading speed.

So, for this break, I might stick with paper edition for once.