When Common Sense Thrumps Analytics

By Lu


Had been coping with a lot of work since the last few months. Expecting more in incoming months since my bosses has graciously forced volunteer myself to be involved in more projects. In one way, I’m grateful for their intention and desire for me to take on more stuff. On the other, I know when my plate is full, but can’t reject them.

I hate it when business become just a number. It should be used to help explain how the business is performing and motivate the sales team to get there, but shouldn’t be the sole important thing to base on. Recently, I was involved in splitting budget and target number for next year business. Previously, the approach was for WW to give out a target and seek the FA to think on how to appropriate the amount – to which countries, and which brand should be the main driver etc. However, recent changes had WW sending the targets directly for each large accounts.

Despite escalations that the numbers given are unreasonable – whether from a finance view or the local business view, our cries are disregarded as WW want to maintain the number so things look fine when presenting to their own bosses. The top down approach was seemed as more analytical since those operating on a global scale has a more holistic view on which area can drive growth. But should this approach be continued when local business insights are giving feedback that the top down numbers are unreasonable and almost impossible to achieve?

At least, I know they won’t responsible when asked to explain how the local business cannot drive growth to meet the target given.