What Do You Think of Me?

By Lu


Sigh, I need to write how do I want people to remember me by as part of the leaving student profile. Growing up, I have a few distinctive traits, but is that how I want people to remember me by?

So, I type this question through MSN to a few random people on my list. It’s hard to find people on my list who are still online since it’s the weekend. I asked :”What do you think of me?”

And here are the respond they gave me.

Julia Chua: The one who smiles.

Daniel Yeo: Genius boy who needs to play more.

Crystal Khu: A smart person doing extraordinarily smart stuff.

Su Lin: Sabah (My nickname in INTI) – sweet, helpful and innocent-looking but don’t be deceived by that cause he has a mind of his own and is not afraid to question what he feels isn’t right.

But the magazine want in 10 words or less lah.

Su Lin: Or rather- Sabah the swimmer!

Jason Paul: Laughing Buddha (This what my friend in primary school used to call me)

Kelvin Kong: You’re smart, friendly, jovial and best of all considerate. Special characteristic: Like Pokemon.

Yu Shiong: Own a superb thinking that no one could reach the same level of it.

Jia Min: A very innocent guy who likes to bet with me though he never win once. I like his company as he is quite funny, cheerful and comfortable to talk to.

Sigh, looks like I need to wait for more people to be online to get their responses. So, how do you think I should be remembered by?