Visa and So Much More

By Lu


US Embassy Logo (Courtesy of US Embassy)

I woke up very early in the morning trying to beat the KL traffic rush to reach the US Embassy in time for my visa. What amazed me was that even though I was an hour earlier than my appointment time, there is already a line of people waiting although their appointment time are later than mine.

I’m amazed by how the things inside the US Embassy works. They are very efficient yet, why is the waiting line so long? However, that which give me a good impression of US is the service they provide. The people at the counter is always the first line of defence for an organization. They set the first impression for the customers and should be ready with an answer for anything that may be thrown at them. The person at the counter should always be smilling and greet you with cheerfully.

Personally, I view my interviewer with a great first impression. Because someone up the line before me cannot communicate in English that well, she took the pain of trying to communicate in Chinese. Although the pronunciation is not that accurate, it’s a great job on her behalf.

I also meet a couple person from international school. Is it because of their education background that allows them to be more sociable and independent, or is it just a trait of a typical KL-ite?

After the interview, I wander all the way to KLCC. Claire, at least you are wrong on this. It is possible to travel to the US Embassy through public transport. All it takes is just to walk a bit further.

In KLCC, I saw a lot of students with their school uniform around. Some are following school tour, while others, just hanging around. An interesting sight I usually saw in shopping malls such as KLCC is that the foreign visitors and youths are the dominant sight in places like this, whereas the older generation are hardly in sight. A shopping mall is easiest place to notice a trend or behavior of the future generation because with the presense of such a large and specific population of youths.

True to my money-pinching nature, I didn’t buy anything from any of the shops again except for my lunch. Although I been going out the whole week, I didn’t have any material addition into my possession. The only thing which burns a hole in my pocket is the transportation cost. Perhaps, I should cut down on travelling to save cash. Then again, I’ll be going out again shortly to another shopping mall.