Trying to Improve Word Count

By Lu


In my attempt to be a faux author, I’d tried to improve my word count. However, regardless of what I did, there seemed to be a boundary there that I just could not break through. Back in the heyday (few months ago), I could pushed for up to 3000 words in a day and went up to 5K before. But gone are those days. Today, I had the entire day dedicated to writing, but as usual, found myself fooling around. In the end, I only managed around 2500 words. Not too bad, but not good either. I could probably crank out a thousand word in an hour if I feel up to it. So, 2.5K is not a very efficient output for a whole day’s work.

Typically, I would blame it on the weather. I like the weather here, warm and sunny but it just gets too hot sometimes. I do not have an AC in my room. Had been trying to save up for a portable AC but kept on putting off the purchase. I’m also easily distracted. A five minute internet break would often turned into 2 hours web surfing and Facebook. I had been limiting my usage but that only made me want to hang around the web longer. Still training myself on this part. My self discipline is seriously lacking.

I’d read Rachel Aaron’s blog about how she increased her word count to 10K a day. I had been trying to take a lesson or two out of it, but could not stick to them. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll take her idea more seriously. Maybe tomorrow will be my first ever 10K day?

I really do like her books. Quirky and funny. Check it out yourself.

Legend of Eli Monpress. (Book1-3)

Spirit War (Book 4)