Tribute to the INTIans

By Lu


To the guys who stayed back. From the one who leaves, a little sooner.

My tribute to INTI, the place where I –

  • See testosterone enriched males with high ego to form a tribe-like society rich in ritualistic actions such as Arumba, twisted nighttime behaviors etc…
  • And the equally communal females who stick up to each other like a pack of hungry lioness.
  • Or to hear howlings in the middle of the night by the Malay guys.
  • Where I also meet my wonderfull roommate who wouldn’t mind my erratic nocturnal habits.
  • Plus other elusive people whom I hardly see outside of their room.
  • As well as the forever mysterious SAM girls I hardly encounter.
  • The happy crowd in my community service program.
  • My nimble and gracefull dancing partners.
  • My chess sparing partners.
  • And most important, to my few neighbours who I talked with until the dawn of the next day. Those who sometimes drag me out in the middle of the night to grab a bite in mamak stall and also the ones who keep on disrupting my sleep with invites to play multiplayer games.

This is my dedication to all of you … Whom I have the honor of calling my friends.