TOTD: 12/13/2010

By Lu


I am quite worry right now. It is the finals week and I am just worried that I did not prepare enough for my exams. I am, still a firm believer in achieving the best possible outcome with the minimal amount of work necessary to free up time. This time, is best invested in something I would like, something I would at least concentrate my efforts and be the best at it rather than keeping my (lacking) attention equally on all aspects.

However, right now, I am wondering if I should reprioritize and concentrate where it matter the most – my exams. I am particularly stressed about the two upper level mathematics course I am taking, with the sprinkling of graduate students in the same class. Right now, the classes are curved such that above average is no longer acceptable, and only the truly exceptional reaps the benefit of their effort and time.

I am looking back at my notes right now, thinking whether I could master everything again for that last final push before the break.