To the Past with Rambutans

By Lu


Rambutan – A yummy, succulent and sweet fruit found on rambutan trees growing in Malaysia.

I was reading “As I Was Passing II” by Adibah Amin where I come across anecdotes of the old days (where our parents are still young and hip while the hippies still prevailed in US) by the author.

In one occasion, she lamented that young generations nowadays no longer experienced what they used to enjoy. She used a short story to put it into perspective where a young gentleman told his young son that rambutans may be delicious, but they are more delicious if he climb up the tree himself and pluck them there for consumption. By which, here the author interjects and put in “especially if the rambutans tree is not ours”. 😛 And here, the gentleman beams at that he found a comrade.

Well, it seems that the older generations certainly know how to steal enjoy themselves. I kinda wish I sometimes have a simple life like that. This story also bring back memories where I often stayed in the kindergarten last time waiting so that my mother can fetch my sister before sending me to my primary school. Ah, I usually spent the time there waiting for my sister exploring around the site, playing in the playground or talking with the maid there. I just called her “Kakak” for this case.

She would usually talked with me, played or maybe sometimes fight (just a mock fight, okay) with. Ah, those were the days. Behind the kindergarten too was several or one (I cannot remember) rambutan tree(s). The fruits are not that large but juicy and sweet. Hey, I am not complaining, it is free 😛 We also thought up ways to retrieve the rambutans for ourselves. Although there is a pole there to poke it down, I am usually so terrible (weak) with it, I cannot get any down. Often, I resorted to throwing sticks and stones hoping that they will meet the target. But I cannot become a pro baseball player lah like that, none of rambutans ever dropped to the ground.

After that, she will usually brings out some of the rambutans she had retrieved earlier on so that we can eat them. Sigh, those were the days.

It seems that not only older generations remember their days stealing rambutans as nostalgic, even I, sometimes miss them too (err…the good old day, not stealing rambutans yah) and wish I can turn back time to return to those period of carefree joy.