Tired but Excited

By Lu


Just returned from Malacca. Exciting trip and I enjoyed it. However, I missed out on Kaisouki Matsouri in the morning. Since, all the “big” actions are usually in the morning, I did not get to play along as well. It could be worse. Su Lin actually wants me to cosplay as a girl today because apparently I am handsome. Nah, it is because I am petite and just the right size for a girl. I also do not have any bulging stomach and a wig will cover up my short hair perfectly T_T. Where is my manhood in doing that?

Oh, and Jeffrey found out about this. Apparently, he is the only one to put up a link here in his blog to give me some publicity (his blog got no traffic one) but I don’t want it, yet. I told him that I got more online presence power than him. It is true anyway. And, he is also the only one hogging this blog because all the hit counts are made by him.