Time is Money

By Lu


Time is money. Or so goes the age old saying.

Unfortunately, for my case, it literally means money! For those who know me really well in these past year, they can tell that I procrastinate a lot, up to a point where I have to admit that I am very lazy. I’m trying to remove this habit of mine.

I procrastinate when about going to the bank to settle my visa application fee, I arrived just when the bank is about to close down. Not only did I lose 1 working day for the bank to process my request, I put strains on my tightly packed plans for the week. Coupled in with some unwanted misfortunes at the moment, I’m trying to juggle my schedule so that I could squeeze just enough time for me to accommodate everything I have now. Sigh, I wasted money on transportation without achieving anything I intended to do in the first place.

I misscalculate the inefficiency of the local train service, KTM which cause me to doubt if monopoly is really the way to go for a service like this. A presence of competitor might be a wastage of resources but the appailing services of KTM should be improved for the benefits of its customers.

The next day, I was supposed to meet up with other people for some gathering or so. But because of the irregular train service (KTM again!) and a little bit of procrastination on my side, I missed the supposed time by a mile. I may missed out on a great learning opportunity on the gathering, but my trip with Jason to Lowyat Plaza serves as an adequate compesation for it.

The downside to all my travel is that I wasted time and money getting on the move twice for something I could accomplish in one trip. I’m really upset with myself because of this.