There’s a Job Out There for You

By Lu


A few days ago, my professor bought up an interesting reminiscent. When he graduated around two decades ago, jobs (in Korea) were plentiful and it was a booming period there. He mentioned how his classmates bombed entrance exams into prestigious companies and it took to rectify that was a simple phone call to the HR stressing on the intent to work in A company.

Those good times are bygones, at least in the current US job market. According to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey by Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings are very modestly increasing. The companies that came recruiting on campus are all chirping that there are job openings and they are hiring. Interview rates had gone up but I don’t think the number of hires increased at the same pace. Yeah, the companies want to meet you, to interview you, but just not to hire you.

I am seriously reconsidering my post-graduation option of heading straight to work or to travel the world for a while.

Note: I had been mulling over this for the past few days, it is just so hard to break out of the societal  pressure of conforming to the standard routine of getting a job in a prestigious firm.

I want a career, not a job, and a legacy that I could attached to my name.