The Winning Team

By Lu


The Ultimate Frisbee competition ended a few days ago, and guess what? We won! Yay, B.O.B. is the undisputable Frisbee champion of the department.

Initially, I was a little worried about our chances of winning. No, make that quite worried. Who knew our rag tag team of sloppily formed team could produced such results. Before this, some of the girls never even played Frisbee before. Some also never did attend any of the training sessions.

On the competition day, I thought the team was a goner, we missed out the first match of the qualifying round and forfeited the points from that. Even worse, a few of the team members are still in the office, handling urgent day to day matters. The second match was coming up, and we got Jon to play for our team again, away from the one he was currently playing for.

One goal after another, it was a close call for each qualifying match. We are just trying to take baby steps at a time. Try and get a goal, and that’s it. In the end, despite forfeiting the first round, B.O.B. emerged the overall champion of the qualifying round and proceed to the semifinals.

By this time, the remaining members finally showed up and the full ensemble showed off the  team. Kiho and Teady really carried the team in terms of points and Jon was instrumental in the defense. The final score was 5-1  and we proceed to the finals.

I would like to say that I play a huge role in the Final victory, but that’s not the case. I took a literal knee to my thigh in the beginning of the game, leaving me out of commission for the rest of the match. It was all the team’s effort and this championship was especially dedicated to them.

Also, it would be a good parting gift and surprise to my manager who is going to leave soon. Let’s hope B.O.B. can continue this winning momentum onto the next tournament.

I think Teady and I make excellent co-Captains. Here’s to the start of a beautiful relationship.