The Paper Which Changes It All

By Lu


Counting the straight As

I recently went back to my former school to retrieve my official SPM certificate. I check out the records and saw that some of my ex-classmates obtained their certificates about two months before. I cannot imagine that this certificate is suppose to represent what my ten years in public school education is supposed to lead up to.

On the other hand, it is exactly the same paper which opens up opportunity for me. Looking back, this paper provide some sort of motivation in my effort to be a Renaissance Man, but the effect might not be as pronound as I expected. I could have done just as well through reading and discussion elsewhere.

Things of value change its value with the change of time, owner, place, or shape. I guess that in this context, the value of this certificate has been milked and through the passage of this, its value is nothing more than the cost of paper the ink is printed on.