The Moonlight Saga

By Lu


As of now, it was three and a half day since our apartment ran out of power. Without electricity, things are a bit difficult. The food in the fridge had gone bad, or least going to be. I cannot cook those food either, seeing that as my electric stove will not work without a source of current. There is no light inside the apartment either.

I think that it was the first time in weeks that I looked up at the sky. Up there, alone in its bright glory was the moon, a full moon. It was the only source of illumination we had, along with contributions from various sources of light, in particular, 1201. Without electricity, I felt like my life changed a bit. It returns the nostalgia of staying back in the old days. Truthfully, I could survive just as well without electricity. My main concern was only to be unable to cook my meals and resorted to eating out.

I could shower in the dark without any hiccups. It was probably due to my past experience as a “night ghost”. I could walk around in the dark and move like normal. I found myself to be slightly more productive, as the shorter period of light caused me to prioritize and take presence over more important matters. I had been doing more in this couple days than I used to be able to. Plus, it remove me from my usual procrastination method, ie social networking site and various mangas and dramas addiction. My circadian time changed as well, although I would like to point out that Daylight Saving started yesterday. I had been sleeping earlier than usual, and would probably continue so.

But, things are not going to stay that way. The energy provider had been notified and electricity would probably be available by at least tomorrow afternoon. Say hello to routine life again and to delicious home cooked meals.