The Lion Turns Legal

By Lu


Thanks for the wishes, guys (and girls).

I turned 18 today, finally, a starting point from which I will be accountable legally for my actions. Frankly, I did not look forward to this day.

Prior to today, I re-evaluate what I had hope to achieve for the entire year before. Until today, I am still unable to drive since I considered myself too busy to neither take any driving lessons nor sit for the test. There are still so many places I wanted to visit yet I lacked money, time and transportation to do so. I want to learn so many skills, meet new acquaintances, and read countless books I’d been postponing. And yet, I still find excuse to evade from fulfilling all the thing that I wanted to do.

By passing this auspicious date too, it means my summer is coming to an end and all the time in the world will come to a nil. Apparently, time urgency does not constitute enough incentives for me to be more aware of the slipping time and be more productive.

Anyway, I would like to say thanks again to the birthday wishes I received from everyone. Be it messages sent to my cell phone, comments in my Friendster and Facebook account, or even in blogs and Recom forum, I appreciate it very much. Just next time guys, skip the greetings, bring me the presents. It will provide me more of an economical well being instead of a social one. I’ll like material gain anytime. It has been a fruitless year for me like almost every other year as I passed through this day empty handed.

At least, some consolation prize I received this year is a home-made durian cake baked with fillings from three durians (yum) and witty conversations with some of my friends.