The Art of Writing

By Lu


I’m in the middle of tearing my hair out trying to put the completing touch on the first draft of my novel.

Hence, I went through some window shopping on Amazon to see if any title attracted my attention. I found several free books and guessed, why not. I’m listing them below just in case anyone wanted them as well.

Writing a Page Turner: Five Editing Maxims to Make Your Book Irresistible by Mark Dawson.

How to Work with an Editor: A Guide for (Nervous) Authors also by Mark Dawson.

Mark is famed as a thriller writer and his Facebook Ads course. He’s also part of the Self Publishing Formula podcast, and I’m guessing these are his funnels leading to his courses. I only selected these 2 out of the series of list cause I’m interested to have a more thrilling approach in my writing and I’m also working with an editor now. There’s a whole lot others in part of his self publishing series.

How to Write a Novel in 30 Days in Perrin Briar

A novel. 30 days? And it’s free? Sure, why not have a look at it.

Art & Craft of Writing: Secret Advice for Writers

Also part of a series. At this point, my library is a bit bloated with craft books, but secret advice, I’ll still take it.