Taiwan Diaries: Spending the Night

By Lu


Taiwan 09

(Tainan, Taiwan) Along the rail tracks here I go

I spent my night time in Taiwan in interesting ways. I’d sleep on a thin futon, on a plank of wood, on the couch, and stayed awake with a bunch of friends till dawn. On my last night, I decided to sleep in the airport since I have an early flight, might as well save the money for souvenirs. I have just an hour left to travel and do all my shopping before the last bus. My journey to the night market for the souvenirs was efficient. Since I visited the place before, I memorized the stalls locations and goods, making a mental map of which direction to travel as to cover the whole night market ground in the quickest time possible.

Taiwan 10

Already aware of the time bind I’m in, I rushed back to the bus station, timing everything to the precise minute. But I should have expect the unexpected, I lose track of the location of my luggage locker and reached the bus station just in time to see the last bus to the airport pulled off and move away from me.

I was free and without a place to sleep for the night. My first order was to secure my luggage, and to sneak into a hostel’s lobby to make good use of their wifi. When the lobby closed, I was a bit restless and aimless, I head to the ground floor of a locked building just to stare at the sleeping night guard. The wind was howling at the time and I was thankful to have at least a shelter from the wind. After an hour or two, the guard woke up and almost jumped when he saw me, maybe wondering how I managed to enter the building. I took that as a cue and left the building, now exploring what the night of Taipei has to offer me. I spent the next hour walking along the roads, circling around the main station area. I saw the convenience stores closed down and talked with random taxi drivers now and then.

Around near five, I picked up my luggage again and head to the bus station, where I can get the earliest bus to the airport. Where I could finally submit to fatigue and catch some sleep.