Taiwan Diaries: Lesson from Fried Chicken

By Lu


Taiwan 05(Taipei, Taiwan)

Shilin fried chicken. It’s very famous in a way that the fried chicken chop franchise I frequented in Nilai was supposedly originated from this stall in Shilin. Undeniably, the stall is very efficient from transferring the goods to the consumer.  I waited in the line where an employee provide a plastic bag and they put the chicken in at the end of the line while I gave them 50 TWD coins. It’s really like a one way manufacturing line.

Considering the long line waiting out, I wondered why no one set up another stall nearby to take in the competition. I mean, after all, there’s great demand judging from the amount of buyers. I found answer soon enough. There’s another chicken stall along the market. Dimly lit, surrounded by other generic food and drinks stalls common to the Shilin market, and with no customers. I’m greatly intrigued by the contrasting scenarios, both selling an almost same good, have huge traffic, but only one that attracts the consumer. I wonder how that singular stall commands a sizable crowd compared to the other. Perhaps branding, location and customer loyalty really played important roles.

After all, I just followed the crowds when I’m ordering my food. I have no prior preferences when I’m ordering and all that swayed me was the public opinion.