Starting Summer in Taiwan

By Lu


Taiwan 01

(Taipei, Taiwan) They played with jet engine in mechanics class

Global Initiative Symposium was great. It was the first time Taida organized such an event, with the intention of emulating SGS. GIS is Asia-centric and attracted interest of mostly Asian descended individuals. Kudos to the organizing members for their effort and hard work in trying to make this a success.

It was also the first time I had been to Taiwan, so I’m taking the opportunity to explore the cities in there. The only fault I find with Taiwan is the hot weather and the inundated Chinese characters on street signs with no English translation, but since there’s nothing that could be done, I’ll leave them aside.

Quoting someone from GIS, “Wow, did you just ran a marathon?” after my excusion in NTU alone, noting that my shirt was entirely drenched in sweat. I bow to the glory that is AC.