Slow Updates

By Lu


I haven’t been coming here much lately.

The scar is still there. Now, I’m known as “that guy” among the trainers in the gym.

I’d changed my role recently – more visibility in the office as my reporting manager would be closer, Singapore instead of China. A very tiring role. I haven’t thought of experiencing falling asleep on the chair just a month into the new role. It’s that exhausting. Adapting to the craziness still takes some getting use to.

I’d been getting pulled into a number of projects at work and that’s sapping almost all my energy. Did I mentioned my visibility in office is high? Almost too high for my comfort.

I also have to move because my prior landlord wanted to¬† retake and renovate the apartment. I have to find a new place. 60% spike in the rent charges compared to my prior place with not much difference in space.That’s going to hurt my wallet.