Sleepless Night to Cedar Point Pt. 3: The Rides of My Life

By Lu


I intend to continue this as a photo entry. The photos should be pretty much explanatory, except for those exciting details in between.

Cedar Point 06

The journey continues. I guessed the figures provide enough explanation for how everyone felt after the walk. Interesting enough, this was not far away from the harbor. Perhaps, it really served as a cryptic message to remind all those on foot to seek for wheels instead. Regardless of the warning, the team managed to reach McDonalds for some rest (some fell asleep), breakfast and a place to clean up. It was a straight travel to Cedar Points from then onwards.Cedar Point 07

The rides there are scary; definitely not for the faint of heart. The Dragster is the ultimate thrill for a hair raising experience.Cedar Point 08

Another view from the go kart tracks. Surprisingly, I did quite (amazingly) well on the race court, overtaking and speeding off although I do not legally have the license to drive yet.Cedar Point 09

A view of another roller coaster from a high shot.Cedar Point 10

The ground at last. I wanted to go parasailing out there, but the flag was raise to indicate rough waves and all the water activities were canceled for the moment. How disappointing.Cedar Point 11

Snoopy on Ice. I really like this show. It was funny, relaxing, and down right comfortable in the theater. In fact, I like it so much that I went to watch the show twice. Truthfully, I was just seeking a place to sleep for a while. I was awake for quite some time since the early walk and my body just cannot cope with all the fun and excitement it can handle.Cedar Point 12

Extreme sport show. My personal favorite amidst the other attractions and rides. I even forgave the half an hour delay for their final show of the day. It was that good and the crowd were ecstatic in the end. I guessed that the crew wanted to give out something extra since it was the their last show of the day and it was spectacular. They changed most of their choreography since I also did catch part of their earlier show and it was just something special.Cedar Point 13

More night rides. My camera is starting to fail me at this time. It is not meant for night time shots and the results are grainy as the lights fade out.Cedar Point 14

What a way to end the trip. Another sunrise shot took from inside the train. It concludes my two nights one day of non stop excitement. I barely had enough sleep within the time period and most are dropping into a coma as the day ends. I believed that I stayed awake for the rest of the day after this and suffered terrible migraine in return. Oh well, there goes the consequences for trying to stick to no sleeping during the day.