Sleepless Night to Cedar Point Pt. 2: Dawn

By Lu


Cedar Point 03

(Sandusky, Ohio)

Walking from Sandusky station to Cedar Point is very very tiring. I think I was walking for a few hours when the moon is high up shining brightly only for it to be replaced by the faint hint of incoming sun rays. Our entourage finally stopped to witness sunrise at a harbor.

Cedar Point 04

(Sandusky, Ohio)

The sunrise is amazing. On the other side of the harbor is Canada, and I’m witnessing the splendor of nature with a bunch of friends.

I meet a fisherman over there. I strike up a conversation with him as he was catching catfish.

Cedar Point 05(Sandusky, Ohio)

Turns out that he is fishing at the harbor because his boat was under repair. But life certainly seems good, he caught his first fish when I meet him and several more during our conversation. Cool breeze and beautiful scenery. I wouldn’t mind doing such thing once I’m retired.

And on to walk some more to my goal.