Series of Unfortunate Events – BTN Part 3

By Lu


And now, we reached the 4th day of BTN.

Our daily routines are pretty much the same with the usual morning assembly (aka marching), followed by breakfast, LDK, morning break, more LDK, lunch and alternate LDK with some food in between. However, this particular morning, they start everything earlier because later in the afternoon, we will have our “kembara”. πŸ™‚ This is my most await event of the day because few days before, I saw a couple obstacle course behind the boys’ hostel block. So, I knew we will be doing some rough and tough physical activities during the kembara. Yay!

But before I continue on to my kembara journey. I would like to share some of the activities I did during LDK. One of them was to do a presentation regarding globalization and why some people around the world are protesting against it. Those naive idiots, they know nothing about globalization but end up blaming it instead. Globalization should cover a larger field than just the narrowly focus economy field. My little group consisting of Adele, Amirul, Nurul (I think :P) and me was given the task of presenting how to prepare for the globalized world.

Haha, now we are talking since the presentation was entering my field of interest. We went into the surauΒ  to find some cool shady place to do our discussion. Withing a short amount of time, we come up with an astounding fifteen good points to be present out.Β  But then, Encik Khalid came to us and said that the other teams are hovering around twenty points. A little competitiveness got into us and with come up with another five points to add to the mix.

Back in the stuffy and hot room, we found out that the other teams did not even reached any fifteen points as stated by Encik Khalid – that LIAR! We were suppose to be the last to present, so, when they were presenting, I added another three points into my subcategory. πŸ˜› During presentation time, it was hands down knowing who dominate the presentation and wow the audience there. I cannot help but boast about myself here.

Next LDK was where we are suppose to create a slogan and decorate it in the nicest way possible to show how we feel about our home country – Malaysia. I picked a nifty little slogan (actually, I nicked it off the Internet) which says: “Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia!” Turns out, I strike lucky as we eventually are required to shout out what we wrote loudly and clearly for everyone else to see. And when I mean everyone, this includes the busybody outside the classroom from other LDK sessions who are free (busybody) enough to laugh at us! In fact, I pity some of my group mates like Chew who wrote quite a long slogan; he went hoarse trying to shout his slogan for the third time. In fact, Adele and Khai Zhi wrote a lot of stuff on the slogan they are suppose to create. Adele wrote a lot of words surrounding her little heart in the middle. In the end, she asked the facilitators if she can just choose one of the things she wrote. However, Khai Zhi is sneakier. Everyone was laughing when Khai Zhi was called to present his slogan. Why? Cause Khai Zhi did not just wrote one slogan, he wrote countless amount of them! He would faint before he can finish what he wrote for the first round. So, he quickly chose one of the phrases he wrote and write it down on the other side of the paper. Saved!

Now, for the much awaited kembara! Our group 12 was supposed to be paired with group 5 to quicken up the trip. We first started out by having to go under barb wires. Unfortunately, it was pouring in the morning and the pathway under the wires is full with puddles of muddy water. So, the members of the Groups before us are lagging up the line because they took every single precaution to have the least contact with the ground or water as possible. This often cause their shirts to got stuck with the barb wires. When it is my turn, I waited until Chew (the person before me) almost reached the end already before I enter underneath the barb wires. I am not afraid of getting a little dirty and instead of edging at the edges like others do. I went full scale and just crawled through the whole lane, muddy waters and all. However, once I almost reached the end, Chew had not finish the path yet. I need to patiently wait behind him, soaking myself with a mud bath πŸ™

Sadly, that is the obstacle we passed through out of the many which are behind the boys’ block. Next, we went trekking across a road and into an oil palm plantation. Sorry, no more natural forest around the camp to be explored. We were just following the pathway according to the pointers along it. Then, we reach a parit! It is actually just a flooded waterway either providing water or taking water away from the plantation. Our task is to cross through this stinky, slimy, and disgusting water one way or another. I took a leap of faith and jump right in there. It is very enjoyable; in fact, I went through it twice just to experience it for the second time. However, the groups after discover a easier method of crossing. The boys can just jump across the waterway where the banks are closer together. What is the point of this if you all just jump across it like that!

Almost everyone took a long time cleaning themselves (except me) with the mineral water we bought along, which was suppose to be drink, not hygiene! But hullo, hullo, after some more trekking, we reached yet again another parit. Haha, so much for cleaning up earlier on. Unfortunately for the guys, you cannot jump across this one, so, you all need to get dirty as well. Except, this time I do not want to be too long in the water. It stinks worse than the previous parit. And I am not sure whether I want to know what I am stepping on underneath the water surface.

From there onwards, it was smooth sailing for us. Along the way, the view was quite good. Green shrubs every way although you cannot expect to see some of the native forest here. Since I always want to compete in one way or another, I actually wanted to complete the trail before group 5 does. However, my group members (Jason, Khai Zhi and Adele!) turns out to be slowpokes and walk slowly while the rest of us are far ahead and need to stop from time to time so that they can catch up. πŸ™

The best thing was what occurs after we finish kembara. Due to dissatisfaction with the dirtiness she experienced, Adele said: “When I go back, I will take a scissor and cut right across my shirt so that I won’t dirtied my face.” Turns out, she did exactly what she said and more. During dinner, we found out that Adele cut open her shirt with a blade and chuck it all into the dustbin. She then shampooed her hair four times until she finished up all her expensive, branded shampoo! Next, she throws away her pants as well as her expensive Nike shoes because it got dirty with the mud and she do not want to keep it. Talk about a waste. If she had given it to me, I would had washed them up and sell them again second hand. Sad, I do not even have the opportunity to throw away any of my dirty, muddy shoes just like that πŸ™ Yes, I washed my shoe and bought them back again. It was all fun and laughter that night after the kembara because we had a great time in the afternoon and there is a lot to share and gossip around then.

In fact, Adele asked Encik Khalid to help scout “someone”‘s personality in group 14 because she reckons that since Encik Khalid is such a great liar, he must help her to review first to see if that “someone” is also a liar or not. πŸ˜›

It would had been a celebration throughout the night if not because that the next day is an examination for us of what we learned during BTN. To help us, they supplied us with four books to supplement our knowledge. So, a lot do last minute cramming while I err… fell asleep after going through a book or so. After all, there is still time in the next morning.

As of Day 5, they is nothing much here really. In the morning, we do a full morning ceremony before going to breakfast and then enter the exam hall. The exams are quite different from what I expect as they got to do more with general knowledge compared with what they provided in the books. Luckily, I read a lot during my secondary and college years and so, knows a thing or two about what the answers are. In fact, quite a few exit after just thirty minutes doing the questions. I do not think there are anyone who stays until the time is up before they left the hall because most of us left as soon as we are finish and double-check a few times.

We are scheduled to go back right after that but unfortunately, the buses will not be arriving so soon. So, we get to stay back and enjoyed more food from the kitchen. I don’t think they are prepared for us staying so long and just prepared a couple dishes for us. However, group 12 being the ever hungry group went on and ask for refills of the chicken several times until they runs out of them and cooked a new batch of chicken dishes for us. πŸ˜›

Then, the buses come. And as I went up the bus and sit on my seat. I really miss Kem Bumi Jati and do not want to leave the place. Sentimental, you may think. But, the truth is that, I do not want to go back because of the humongous and laborious work of washing five days and four nights worth of dirty clothes and muddy shoes once I returned to the INTI hostel.