Seeking New Creative Direction

By Lu


It appeared that I had neglected this blog for so long. Mainly, I found my life screeching to a halt, uneventful and mundane. So, I had nothing much to report.

Also, my work life had practically taken over my life. I’m excited for the responsibility yet disheartened from the fact that I had to spend so much time for it.

This hindered what I had been trying to do for the past free months – writing novels. By my count of the files in the computer, I’d started around 12 novels but most never found themselves past Chapter 5 or so of the first draft.

Work often found its way into my mind and after certain time gap, I found myself losing interest in the novel and moved on to a new title.

Hopefully, the story that I’m writing could sustain myself until completion. I’m at Chapter 3 right now but I could foresee huge workload in the office. I was wondering, will it be worth it for me to resign to concentrate on the novels for a while. At least it will make me happier in the short run.

If I ever did finished the novel and edit, stay tune for an announcement of it’s publication.