Scary Addictions

By Lu



(Malacca, Malaysia) Fatal Addiction

Those who know me quite well are ill prepared to recognize that I have a problem with addiction. Whenever I become interested in something, I will immerse myself in it to the point of becoming a scary obsession. Sometimes, the addiction disappeared as I aged. Sometimes, the traces never truly disappeared.

I’m not sure when my addiction with the animes and mangas realm began. Perhaps, it stem off my previous addiction towards cartoon and ventured into the uncharted territories of Japanese animes. From there onwards, I moved on towards mangas, Korean manhwas, movies, J-dramas etc.

Interesting mangas lead me to search further for the anime released or a similar J-drama counterpart. Subsequently, it lead to my discovery of my most recent prize such as Kurosagi and Bloody Monday. Often, these discoveries come at the most inauspicious of time, namely, usually a day or two before my exam. I believed this lead to a subsequent demise in my grades.

I used to spent hours reading mangas I found online, where my compulsive addiction literally forces me to complete the entire series before I’m satisfied into doing something else. I was quite happy when History Strongest Disciple Kenichi series was being translated en masse following a lag behind by 200+ chapters behind the Japanese sequence. Imagine the release of at least 3 chapters on a daily basis for the past few months before the scantalators manage to catch up with the latest chapter currently in running. Although I used to spent so much time reading online, I was quite happy that the time I spent recent decreased because I have d completed such a huge section that the random button in Onemanga usually leads me to a series I had completed and thus saving myself some few precious hours.

I was surprised once when I could candidly respond to all of Jason’s questions regarding social order in society as well as with a few other themes using only examples from Naruto. I sincerely believe that most mangas reflect the nature of society the authors lived in and could give an insight into the culture and general values the society holds, in this case, the Japanese society.

On the other hand, Albert has been lamenting on my academic doom since he caught me reading manga for hours on a daily basis. His insights brings some significant truth to it, but my grades should hold for the moment.

Well, my nature to develop addiction towards something to the point of obsession had lead to my lack of sociability and productive means. Hopefully, I could convert this addiction of mine instead from the animation world and applied it to my academic realm.