Rural Camp Opening Ceremony

By Lu


I am really hating the internet connection right now. What was suppose to be post up days ago took until now because of poor internet connections. I need to go to the computer laboratory just to post this up. 🙁

INTI Rural Camp – A noble objective to educate those living in the villages about the importance of education.

Last Thursday was the opening ceremony for the INTI UC rural camp. Nah, when you hear of opening ceremony, your mind will pop up with images of grand performances and great speeches. This is nothing like that. It is just a ceremonious event to entertain the VIPs (INTI board of management).

Well, it was supposed to start at 7 pm but foolish me decided to go at 6.30 pm. Half an hour of idling around. Why did I even go there when it is of non significance to me. You can say that I just went there to support my friends 😛 Plus, I get to see them preparing beforehand before the VIPs arrived.

Waiting for the VIPs. They were welcomed with a very unusual cheer, I must say. 😛

I can conclude that most of the committees here come from Chinese educated background. The way they arranged themselves uniformly, well, what else can I say.

And here are the two lovely emcees welcoming the VIPs as well as giving a bit of introduction. It seems that MCA has been organizing this event annually for INTI students to go out and help other people. However, this year, MCA suddenly stop to organize it although all the preparations had been done and agreed with. Look at the General Election results, need I say more. It looks like MCA is more concern about their own well being rather than committing to do a bit of charity work. So, the INTI students themselves stood up and organized this themselves. Hah! Even without the help of any political party, they can still do things like this. Congratulations to the committee members.

In the end, they did gave us some entertainment. Quite nice actually, they choreographed the movements according to the music.