Revaluating Failure

By Lu



(Los Angeles, California) Still waiting to climb up.

How many times did you fail before? Let’s be honest and say plenty of times. But, failing isn’t a bad thing if there’s a lesson to be learn from it. What is important is to reflect on the mistake, analyze it and look at how it went wrong and future precautions. Do you get up from your failures? I’d failed too many times to count. How many of us would keep ourselves stuck in the cycle of failure and didn’t try to climb out of this pit of despair?

What did I do when I failed? I complained while others will blame others for the failure. People lose hope when they failed. Some even don’t care about it anymore. It’s not a matter of failing or success, but it is the matter of how we cope with failure. How do we deal with it? Are you going to get up every time you fall or give up? What is important that if you failed, you must be willing to struggle harder, get up and achieve your goals. Learn from the mistakes and try to correct them. Some people know that they’re wrong, but they just won’t change their style.

I believed that I am one of them. I wrote reflective post like this each time I went through a major setback. I know that it was my fault but I just won’t change. Worse still, this current mistake was very similar to what I did last year. I was burdened by it last year and wrote a post, promising to change. Yet history keeps on repeating itself because I never learned my lesson. Right now, I’m still stuck in the same cycle, I’m complaining about my failure here, lose hope, and promise to try harder next time. I am still stuck in the pit without planning to dig any foot holds to climb out of the pit. Perhaps, this time I will be true to my words, reflect on my mistakes and truly able to grow from them.