Rethinking the Future

By Lu


The Fall term began and companies had been setting up recruitment activities furiously over my side of university. Amid all the rush and upcoming exams, I can’t help but wonder, what life had in store for me. Or rather, what can I do to control the flow of life. I am at the midpoint of my college days. What I do from this few moments on will most probably defined the my life for the next two decades or so. Frankly, I still have no idea what my specialty interests are, though I identified a rather broad niche to pick from.

What do I want from life. Where do I imagined myself to be 5 years from now, how about 10 or 20 years from now. Do I want to work? If so, which field? Do I want to go grad school? If so, more questions to thinks about. I saw the campus recruiters who came to college, some have springs in their footsteps as if they found their ideal job. Others, a slight sorrow hidden behind a mask of indifferent face. I wonder which one I would be. Or, I could take the third option, finally starting on my Project A. It has been months since I envisioned it, but I never get to start on it.

Every year, I would reflect on Robert Frost poem on”The Road Not Taken”, wondering if I should have taken the other path. Regret is always on my mind. So, I often opt to take the singular road, to prevent my meeting with the fork in the path. A successful leader makes quick decision and moves on to other endeavors if the outcome is a failure. Still, I’m here, unable to decide yet still looking forward.

Now, back to editing my resume and work on my Korean homework. 안녕히 계세오.