Recom 2.1

By Lu



A community website portal I’m working with had just been given a face lift together with some cool new features today. It’s the result of the technical and administrators team months of planning and rewriting codes for the website.

For those who don’t know what Recom is, I copied some information about the portal here:

ReCom stands for Reborn Community, which symbolizes the birth of a young and dynamic community, where it members help each other build a united Malaysia regardless of differences in race, ethnicity or religion. was established in 2003 under the spirit of sharing knowledge and know-how for Malaysian students around the world to get together, exchange ideas and express their views on various issues concerning them.

ReCom developed over the years as an exchange hub as well as an independent networking and collaboration platform for Malaysian students and young professionals from Malaysia and around the world. envisions to bring Malaysia to infinity and beyond, towards a developed Malaysia by the year 2020.

As well as the mission statement:

Our Vision promotes a culture of sharing to help Malaysian students to excel in both academics and non-academics.

Our Mission

  1. To integrate and unify resources, skills and talents of Malaysia’s youth.
  2. To propel Malaysia towards achieving the goals of Vision 2020.
  3. To encourage originality, innovation, creativity and initiative.
  4. To learn with and learn from others through healthy forum discussions.
  5. To keep abreast of current affair in Malaysia and around the world, so that we become educated and informed individuals, and share our opinions and suggestions to the world.
  6. To facilitate social networking among and between students and working professionals.
  7. To improve our command of the English Language.
  8. To contribute towards the development of Malaysia.

I hope we can achieve the goals together as part of the Recom community. Until then, get to know some of the people behind Recom here. My short introduction is in there as well. I would also like some feedbacks on how is the overall website layout and some recommendations on what should be improved.