Putrajaya – The UnMalaysian Capital

By Lu


My Future Job?

I had a trip to Putrajaya whereby I look around the place. And it certainly fit the public description – modern, clean, planned out structures, with all the high and mighty splendor a country’s wealth can pour into. It’s the epitome of a well planned futuristic piece of work.

And yet, Jason point out something. As the administrative center of Malaysia, there are very few Malaysian made cars in there. All that I saw where BMWs, Toyotas etc. Where’s the nationalistic pride that government been trying to implement in the people? My guess is that even the higher officials know how lackluster a Proton car performance is. Or they are just typically bound to the unhealthy third world mentality that cars show the status of a person. Thus, they all opt for fuel guzzling high end cars even though they have far cheaper and fuel efficient cars at their disposal.

The architecture in it also does not distinctively shows much of the Malaysian culture, just some plain looking buildings like that of Wall Street. Aside from a large mosque, I also did not see any other religious temple around that area. Or maybe they’re just hidden away from my view.

On a short note, the trip to Putrajaya is quite saddening for me because I know it will be the last of which I will see some of my companions in a long time.