Potato Diet for Weight Loss

By Lu


Eating potatoes can solve all your problems… really!

Alright, that’s an exaggeration but I came across this post by Rusty Moore a couple of months ago and was intrigued.

The Potato Hack for Rapid Fat Loss | The All Potato Diet

So, the key idea here is just to have potatoes. Nothing else but potatoes for three days straight to lose weight.

You can have all the food you want, but it has to be boiled potatoes. With nothing else, perhaps a little salt to push the potato down the throat. Boiled a whole batch of potatoes the night before and put them into the fridge. Then, when the diet starts, as long as you are hungry, you can eat the potatoes.

Why potatoes? Well, it boils down to a research that claimed that potatoes are one of the most satiating food around. For the same amount of calories/nutrients, potatoes are much more satiating than other type of food. Your stomach can feel full even though it didn’t consume as much when compared to eating other type of foods.

It’s one of the main idea in limiting the calories intake without causing the hunger discomfort that often comes with dieting. Another factor is also because of the existence of resistant starch. For potatoes, if you cooked and then cooled the potatoes, the amount of resistant starch increase with each process of heating and cooling. So, the starch passed through the gut without being digested.

I went online for reviews. It looked like majority of people lost some weight on it. Even, Ireland went through a long period of just eating on potatoes alone and they survived. So, any nutritional imbalance wouldn’t be that bad since I’m going on it for just 3 days.

Here’s what I thought when I went through it. I pressure cooked a whole batch of potatoes.

Do I hate it? Yes, very much, especially by Day 2 of just eating plain boiled potatoes. I mean, I’m relatively fit, and by no means, requires dieting or anything. Why did I push myself to go through this when I could gouge on delicious meat (yeah, I was having food cravings since Day 1). I feel like I’m torturing myself with it, before I relented to using salt on the potatoes. Buy a large bag of potatoes. I under estimated how much potatoes I could consume and had to end this early because I ran out of potatoes the first time around.

Will I try it again? Possibly. It works. I lost some weight, and had one of the easiest experience in the toilet. With the amount of potatoes I ate, I had a lot of roughage in my system and it just make the stool pass faster. Yeah, I’ll try it again in the future since I have a wedding celebration to attend to in a couple more months. I want to be leaner by then.

Will I recommend it to others? Possibly. Do you want a mostly painless way of losing weight within just 3 days. If yes, try it out. After all, I survived it.