Of Sausage McMuffin or Flight to Home

By Lu


With wings to travell everywhere, a bird still return to one place it calls home

With wings to fly everywhere, a bird still returns to the one place it calls “home”.

Today, I am finally able to return home. Due to BTN, I had my holiday shortened into a one week period of bliss.

And so, I went to LCCT to board my flight back to Kota Kinabalu. With all of AirAsia’s latest troublesome policy about luggage weight, I decided to play safe and abide by the regulations and kept my luggage to the bare minimum weight. But, when I check in, they neither ask for the RM5 for my luggage nor check the weight of my hand luggage, which was suppose to be ceilinged at 7kg. Guess a lot of people sneak in a few extra pound because of this.

Now, the funny thing is that I almost missed my flight due to the wimp of my stomach. After checking-in, I decided to get myself something to eat with the free coupon for Sausage McMuffin from McD, which I obtained from INTI (Thanks INTIMA). However, the queue was long and by the time I get my burger, there was only half an hour left before my flight took off. There is nothing to worry of, I thought and instead proceed with my usual pace. To my chagrin, the last in the line of people had just left to board the plane. Turns out the plane arrived early and I am unlucky enough to be the first few left behind by the main crowd. So, I stick around waiting for other late entrances like me as well. After that, we board the plane like VIPs, everyone has to wait for us but then, all the window side seats are took already 🙁

One of AirAsia planes that landed on LCCT.

A rare sight indeed. An AirAsia plane in blue! This is the plane which is sponsored to AT&T. Guess AirAsia branding is working very well. Even I associate a red plane with the AirAsia signature. AirAsia must be earning quite a lot to be able to afford to sponsor another team aside from Manchester United. Too bad I didn’t contribute additional income because I fell asleep during the flight and didn’t buy any meals from them. ^_^. Save more money! $$$