Of Pigs and Halal

By Lu


Just a small post here to say that I finally dropped all my courses and pick Moral Education. Should had done this earlier because I do not know that I will be incurred a fine of RM 10. And yet I thought they let everyone to change for free until this Friday. 🙁 That RM 10 can goes a long way. Bye bye RM 10 worth of food.

And just now, I was informed of a psychology test for us. I mean, I am sane. So, what is the use of the test? Or is it another conspiracy to prevent me from leaving the country and study at overseas.

During Moral Education just now, my lecturer raise up a pretty interesting question. He asked why are pigs haram (err. dirty) to the Muslims and Jews? He said that pigs are dirty during the origination of the religions and teachings because previously, pigs are scavengers who feed upon dirty  stuff lying around. Maybe he meant corpse 😛 But now, pigs are breed in clean, air conditioned rooms with high quality food. So, why are pigs still haram? I am going to find out more about this soon…