Of Ironing in Supply and Demand

By Lu


Tomorrow, there’s supposed to be an award presentation for university’s high achievers. And with such formal occasion requires formal clothing, which means, ironed and pressed long sleeve shirts and slacks.

Suddenly, I found myself facing requests from the guys to borrow my iron. Being the only male specimen in the whole block who iron his clothes, they can only turn to me for the iron. The demand is high, and yet supply remains only one. I do not have much incentives to borrow them the iron except for some threats of physical injury. I should charge them rental for the usage of my asset instead.

Hmmm, business is good when I have the monopoly power. Then again, the tradeoff for charging rental is far higher than the profit I could gain from it. The prospect of facing a pack of angry males is far daunting and unnerving, even for one who has background in martial arts.