No Candy for Halloween

By Lu


(Ann Arbor, Michigan) Just wait until they are drunk

Halloween just passed by. Sadly, I did not went trick or treating as I opted instead for sightseing excusion. Halloween provide an excuse for college students to show their creative wild side once every year. Aside from the usual witches, almost naked men, dracula, devils etc, some newer characters joined the pool this year, namely the Joker from the Dark Knight and my personal favourite, Sarah Palin. Seriously, this is one of the most original and easiest to imitate costume I had seen.

Since I also did not wear a costume that night, I joined a group tour to the lively party scene around the area. It is really a dazzling sight to behold. Some of the guys must have trained their abdomens and biceps rigorously to be Michael Phelps, wearing almost nothing in the cold night.

One of the highlights of the night is the usual rowdiness and the abrupt fight between drunken male egos after a drink or two. Unfortunately, I was strolling alone way past midnight when I walked between two groups who looking quite tense and hurling insults among each other. I did not noticed the atmosphere around me and just passed them when the fighting erupts with me just a few feet away from them. Crowds gathered and look on, some tried to separate the groups. The festivity did not last long as three police patrol cars cruised into the neighbourhood and stop everything. I was actually hoping to see some live entertainment then.

I also did entered one of the fraternity house which was having a party at that time. The bare requirement for entry is to have at least a costume and there are two doormen to make sure of it. They asked me who or what I am and I answered: “I’m cool. So, you should let me in.”, maintaining a steely gaze at them. And thus, I was allowed to enter the house.

I guess party life does not suit me. Untill now, I still had not touch my lips on alcohol even though others succumb to it and consumed it. Perhaps, that is why they seemed to have a more enjoyable time at any parties. As for Halloween, beer is free flow and I seen how the people are wasted further down the night. Another epitome of any drinking night is the availability of smash glass bottles along the street. Sometimes, I get feed up avoiding them and just walk through it.

A random monster I meet along the street