My Seremban Trip

By Lu


Seremban, a city from the fusion of old and new

I went to Seremban yesterday with two other guys as a short trip before I headed to KL. But what was supposed to be short turns out to take the whole day.

From KTM Station in Seremban, we headed to the closest shopping complex possible, Seremban Parade.

Frankly, there is not much to do here. We have lunch in Pizza Hut while walking around exploring. There is a book fair in it but not much selection at all. So, we just go and shop around especially in Parkson so that Jeffrey can use an hour or two just to chose a beach wear. I saw a nice jacket which I like very much but it cost around RM200. My stingy nature will never allows me to buy that for sure! After combing the place from head to toe, we went to the next available shopping complex, Terminal 1.

This is taken at an extremely safe distance because the road is just beside the walkway.

Crossing through the streets of Seremban is a truly terrifying experience. The drivers do not have any regards for the safety of the pedestrians who are crossing the road. They just rushed through as to a squadron of police cars are after them. Plus, I cannot believe that Seremban City Council leaves out the aspect of pedestrian safety while designing the roads. There are no (I saw only one) overhead bridge where we can use to cross the road. Plus, the traffic lights offer no protection for us, the pedestrian because the light for pedestrian crossing is always red or it does not exist at all!

Ah, well. At least the drivers are still civic minded enough to let the ambulance car passed by.

At Terminal 1, Jeffrey is determined to find a bag for himself (see, he do all the shopping while we just tagged along). Soon, we snooped around the whole place, becoming a spectator for a while at the Battle of the Bands. I hate this type of competition because a) I don’t like rock music,b) they played it too loud and c) the band stinks. We soon reached a shop at the first floor selling bags. Jeffrey was having a hard time choosing because he want authentic, branded bag but cheap at the same time. The shopkeepers there talked quite rudely to us when trying to sell the bag (acting like we never saw a branded product before). He never understand that the customers are always right and that my companions had been using branded goods all their life. Disheartened, we walk out of the shop ending up do not want to buy anything from the shop again.

Then, we walk around again and saw another shop. This time, Jeffrey found a Nike bag he really liked and Albert wanted to buy the same thing too, but too bad because one got one stock. The price tag is RM89 but then, a shop assistant go and check it again on the computer only to find that it actually cost RM189. Jeffrey is cursing his luck for not getting such a good deal after all.

After that, we walked out of Terminal 1and went out discovering Seremban. Too bad that we need to face those crazy drivers again.

Our expose bought us to another sport shoe shop where Albert and Jeffrey began hunting for more shoes and bags while I just sit there watching. And there also, we saw this flip-flop.

This is Albert and I against the background of an old part of Seremban.

And this is one of the more interesting posters I found around Seremban.

Here is something I noticed. The numbers on top of each building, do they show they year the buildings are built or just the sequence of building there. I asked Albert and Jeffrey for their opinion and they said it is the year each building was built, but I remained skeptical and still thinks it is the sequence.

Finally, it was time for dinner and they wanted to go back to a shop they saw earlier selling beef noodles. At one point, we reached a junction and Albert insist to go one way while Jeffrey said to go another. I support Jeffry because my sense of direction is still quite good and I can retrace our steps back to the KTM where we first step off.

In the end, Jeffrey made a bet with Albert, whoever lose need to provide for the winner’s beef noodle. Sigh, why didn’t I make the bet as well. We followed Albert and his MIS-guided route only to reach a dead end before we returned back to the original path.

At the restaurant, we all ordered beef noodles with apple-carrot juice as well as “gui lin gao”, a herbal jelly (this one is special because it is laced with honey making it tasted sweet).

My beef noodles minus honeycomb tripes because I asked them not to put it in.

And the trio’s apple-carrot juice minus one because the waitress spilled one all over the floor.

This is a very happy Jeffrey because he won the bet and a free meal.

These two greedy pigs. At first, you can assume that Albert is unhappy because he lost the bet but now, acting happy once he had finish his food and moving on to desserts.

My meal and I. Note the countryside background behind me. Very nice interior decoration. Looks like I am really dining in the countryside. The food was quite nice. The beef and sauce provide savory delight to my taste buds and the noodles are chewy. Bah, I was hungry. Everything tasted nice when people are hungry, but the food is really quite good.

After our meal in Yee Kee, we decided to call it a day. Trying out new route to the KTM station, we pass through this.

Yes, just a plain old fountain as piece of attraction in … (p.s. I know I am short. So, shut it)

Dataran Seremban. Now, the view will be nice if this few

jakuns didn’t messed around like climbing and hanging on to the sign. Still, it is nice to young once. Hey, I’m still young! Why didn’t I do that?

Well, that is my Seremban adventure for now. Tar tar.