Moving around Shanghai Expo

By Lu


I’d returned from Shanghai almost a month ago. When I was there, I got the opportunity to visit Shanghai Expo and its famous pavilions. Here are some of the tips I gathered traveling around.

1) When you arrived early in the morning, visit the will-be-crowded area first (ie the European pavilions). If you arrived later, then head to the corporate pavilions cause others will be at the country pavilions.

2) Grab the Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbo passport stamps to earned a fast-pass into Spain pavilion. The lines in the city pavilions are shorter than than the lines for the country pavilions. (Spain pavilion no longer use these stamps as fast pass after I left Shanghai.)

3) Grab an early lunch, and then wait in line for the busy pavilions when others are out having their lunch.

4) Afternoon lines are shorter because its baking hot under the sun.

5) Grab early dinner cause the best time to travel is in the evening when the air is cooler and the crowds are starting to head back home.

6) Best of all, come with a bunch of friends, preferably each with different nationalities. Most foreigners can bring their friends in straight into their own respective country’s pavilion without waiting at all. I entered most of the pavilions this way, without waiting much at all. If you don’t have any friends, make some. Barter with other visitors, if they happened to be resident from other countries, offer to take them into your country’s pavilion in return for them to bring you into theirs. (Doesn’t apply to the China, US or UK pavilions though.)

I really enjoyed my time there in Shanghai Expo. Had great time with great people. My fellow dragons, you know who you are. xoxo.