Momentary Lapse in Concentration

By Lu


I was doing some bench press today when I encountered a mishap. What happened was that I was finished with my exercise and was placing the bar back to the placeholder. I thought I’d secured it but alas, one side was not. 70 kg worth of weight (half of it since 1 half was secured came crashing down on my head. The area to my left eyes was lacerated and I had a deep flesh wound.

I’d went to the clinic and had 5 stitches to tie the wound up. I’d definitely shocked my colleagues with my bloodied face. I feel like Zuko of the Avatar series now.

I’m also aware that I’d started and stopped a lot of projects in the middle mainly because I got busy during work and then got distracted in something else. This is something I’m constantly aware of and has been a thorn in my side for so long.