Michael Phelps Amazing Feat

By Lu


Credits: Photo of Michael Phelps from uberminx

I am just amazed with a fellow Wolverine, Michael Phelps performance in the Olympics swimming competition. I’d been watching him since his rivalry with Ian Thorpe sometimes along the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. Although Ian Thorpe is the dominant figure in the swimming arena of that time (and still hold a big place in my memory), I couldn’t help but notice a strong contender in the form of Michael Phelps.

And this time, during the Beijing Summer Olympics 2008, he just blew my expectations of him away. Already confirmed as a Great Olympian with his 14 gold medals, 8 from this year Summer Olympics, he went on to acquire these gold medals by creating 7 world records and a smaller consolation prize of 1 Olympic record. It’s not a small accomplishment here. I doubt whether I can create so many world record in just one year.

Looking back at all this competitive swimming brings me back to the time where I used to have intensive swimming. The intense feeling as the heart pounds on my chest, beating so hard till I sometimes felt like I will be having a heart attack soon. The adrenaline rush and the excitement at the blow of the whistle, trying to swim past everyone else, the mind numb as soon as the hands start to move along. The cold water in the indoor diving pool, sucking off my body heat less I get hypothermia if I don’t keep swimming to warm myself up.

Ah, the bottomless pit of the diving pool. How I love the feeling that there’s no boundary to limit my movements