Marginal Utility Versus Marginal Cost in Home Cooked Food

The Maestro meal. First meal cooked overseas.

Many people doubt my ability to cook. I believe that it is an importance for a man to be self reliance and capable of survival skills, including cooking. While my ability may not surpassed those famous street-side hawker stall chefs, I have the confidence that I’m catching up and will reach that level someday if I put my mind into it. As for those who are ignorant that I can cook in the kitchen, here’s a few example to show otherwise. Note that the picture above is a simple meal I concocted up for lunch when my housemates went out for their lunch outside.

While I dare not claim credit for this meal as there were two other people helping to cook as well, I must say that the chicken curry taste fantastic, even better than those I tasted back home. Apparently, cooking the curry with only chicken thighs does improve its flavor and texture.

Appearance wise, this dish is not as colorful as that above, but I can put that I prepare and cook a large portion of this dish, and that it taste just as well as the chicken curry. It’s a combo of chicken, pork and tofu curry. I added chunks of bones to add to the flavor.

These meals are just the tips of the icebergs. I hope the it will silence the skeptics once and for all.

I was wondering whether the cost saved by cooking my own meal is comparable to the time lost while doing the cooking. It takes a considerable time to wash, prepare and cook the meal. I need to factor in that I will be washing the plates afterwards as well.

And now, with classes starting and my timetable a bit hectic during lunchtime, the marginal utility from eating home cooked lunch is significantly smaller compared to the marginal time gained by just hopping into a restaurant or just take away a sandwich, not that I have time for that as well.

Right now, I’m still trying to integrate my lunch break into my timetable and finding difficulties doing so. I will probably with the method which benefits me the best for now. But, the main thing is that, I do know how to cook.

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  1. Aside from the extremely salty taste, it was alright. But it can’t match the texture and amount of grounded beef as well as the well refined taste of the spaghetti I’m cooking here.

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