LEO Trip to Malacca – Part 3

By Lu


Old Malacca – Where it all began.

This is the final part of my trilogy about my trip to Malacca. The first order of the day is to get breakfast/lunch because we all overslept that day. Too tired and lack of sleep from the day before equals me who cannot be woke up by alarm clock.

So, we went on our planned trip to taste Malacca Chicken Rice Ball. When we reached there, a small restaurant in Jonker Walk, the place was jammed pack with people. Even though we had reservations, it still took us some time before they could find enough seats for us.

The rice balls are finished very fast. I was only about to take this picture when the food arrived when several forks and spoons reached out and hey, where’s the food? Truthfully, I don’t know what is so special about this restaurant. Sure, the rice taste good and is shaped like a ball. The chicken flesh is also smooth and delicious. But, most chicken rice stall also the same wah. I don’t really understand why people would wait in line just to eat this stuff? But all things said, I will still give thumbs up for the food.

But not for their attitude though. As soon as we finish eating, the lady of the shop asked us if we are finish and straight away chased us out. What type of attitude is this? I know you want business, but that is not a valid reasons to ask us out and said “Next!”. At least, asked us politely about it. I don’t know if you gain any extra profit by kicking us out that early. But I am sure you will lose me as a long term customer, which means, you won’t earn anything from me!

We then proceed to the Stadhuys’s building for some sightseeing. But with these guys, they are the one worth more seeing.

The Handsome Guys RULE!

See, this is why the guys are better sights than some monumental building which I can view in the Internet everyday. If anyone objects to the obscenity of this picture, I will take it down straight away. 😛

After that, we are supposed to go to Malacca Parade to do some shopping. But, when we reached the foot of St. Paul Hill, we take a long detour so that we can visit A Famosa on the way.

The group next to St. Paul Church.

Inside St. Paul Church, it has nothing except a few stone slabs. I think they are tomb stone. Perhaps this is where Seong Gee got the idea for my eternal demise here.

After walking around with nothing interesting to do except to sprinkle coins into the dungeon and taking some photos, we headed down the hill to the remains of A Famosa.

Just a small piece of it left. I really wonder how big the whole fort really is in the fifteenth century.

Some of the more insensible things I do. I would had been a goner if there is a loaded cannon ball inside.

Here’s the group photo for most of the members in the trip. The objective here? Kick Albert especially on the head to get him out of the picture. 😛

Once we completed our trail on A Famosa, we headed to Dataran Pahlawan and Malacca Parade to shopped around. Since we missed out Tan Kim Hock to buy some delicacies because we overslept, I headed to Giant and bought some dodol there. Hey, it also has the same Tan Kim Hock brand too.

After that, we all board the bus back to the hostel where unfortunately, I missed out on most part of the Kaisouki Matsuri held that day, since the grander celebration is in the morning.