LEO Trip to Malacca – Part 2

By Lu


Our Day 2 of the Malacca Trip start of with homemade breakfast by the committee members. If there are any suitors out there looking for a wife or husband who can cook well, find them. Their cooking are excellent.

The first agenda of the day is a trip to Water World.

Here, everyone is planning which ride to go on first.

There are a lot of pictures took inside Water World but not in my camera because I scared it get wet and we already have an official photographer by our side 😛 Sadly, I obtained the photos from other cameras already but stupid China made low quality pendrive turn corrupt and delete almost 1.2 Gb of photos away. So, now, no pictures of us in Water World.

But the rides there are quite usual, just some average rides you play along with your friends or in tube. The only exhilarating ride there is the tallest one. Wow, that is a real adrenaline rush. You go without a tube and all you have to do is slide down a long……. water slide. There are two types of slides there. One where you cannot see anything and then just slide down in one continuous slope down. The other one, although it may look less terrifying than the first one, is definitely scarier. It is also a slide with the same height but there are two horizontal path along the slide. There is really nothing that scary when you go down it except when you reach the horizontal path. Even scarier is if you wear a goggles like me so you can see where you are going. I practically feel that I was leaving the surface of the slide when I was leaving the horizontal section of the slide. What if I decide to twist around at that specific moment? Surely, I would have went off course and that’s the end of my story. Any rational men would tucked in their hand be still like me, but what if the person down the slide is irrational? That will one dark record for the theme park operator. I think they should put a net around the slide just in case.

Spending a few hours there is certainly taxing on my body because my stomach is already grumbling before we even reached there. So, when I am swimming in the wave pool, I felt a little seasick. Must be the lack of glucose in my body. I always feel a little giddy if I am hungry.

Luckily, after that, they were all feeling hungry too and we all go for lunch. Hah, I finished a meal portion for two person there in just a flash. In fact, the committees were telling me not to eat so much because they still other places to go to eat next.

Before we left the place, the A’ Famosa souvenir shop allows anyone to take photos with a yellow python if they purchase stuff above RM10. Those blood suckers. The cheapest thing is priced around RM 9.90 so you need to buy another piece to qualify (and low quality one because I later found out that the merchandises I bought are all rusty).

These two girls have got guts. They were playing with the snake most of the time. Emily especially.

Whereas I could only attempt to stuff the snake’s head into my mouth. Brave leh me. Soon, the next destination is still to eat …again!?

McQuek’s Satay Celup. I don’t know what is so special about this restaurant but they only let us cook our food in peanut gravy.

Our food boiled in peanut sauce. It’s hot!

This is my meal. Yes, I know it is a bit too little for a guy but I always have the option to take some more.

These two are obviously enjoying their meal. 😛

Our group photo. I’m eating with the girls group where there are only two guys in it. The whole bunch took up three different tables but I’m only showing one group here. Although this is a girls majority group, they sure can eat a lot. Our table manage to consume around 140 sticks of satay celup compared to the all guys table who consume around 180 sticks. Not that much different, right? Oh yes, something happened at another table, not from our tour one lah. Apparently, fire shot out from under the table where they are eating. The boss says there is nothing serious and he will look into the problem. But, no one dare to go near that table after that.

Our final event for the night is to shop through Jonker Walk. Since the Wesak is approaching, that place is packed with people. There is a singing performance going on when I reached there.

While browsing through the place, someone (I don’t remember who) recommended us to try out the Jonker Walk famous cendol. I don’t know anything about famous but the line waiting there is long. So, as the initiator, the one who recommends need to wait in line to purchase a few bowls of cendol for us.

The cendol. It is very sweet. You see the brown layer on top, it is a thick glaze of melted Malacca sugar. If you don’t think it is sweet enough. Look at the jug of melted brown sugar behind my cendol. Help yourself, eat until you can get diabetes, for all that I care.

Some of the stalls here. Hmmm, I wonder if bargaining is allowed here. After a disastrous experience with the stalls in Kek Lok Si, Penang, I seems to have lost respect to any of the stall hawkers but the goods here look reasonably priced.

After that, we gather back in a place as planned beforehand. Call me a male chauvinistic pig, but why can’t the girls be punctual at all! The deal is to gather together at 11pm sharp. Albert and I were the earliest there at 11 pm. Malaysia Rubber Time still applies here, so we give allowances for them to be a few minutes late. Soon, all the guys were gathered around. But where are the girls? Only two or three returned because they were following the guys group or their boyfriends.

We wait and wait and wait until 11.30 pm when the girls suddenly showed up. Grrrrr, why can’t they be a bit punctual for once. They said they were not the last one because still got a guy behind them, but that is because he is the one sent to go and find you girls! Aiyo.

While waiting, we fool around with the things we bought.

Cowboy Jedi versus the Botak Monk Jedi.

I think this guy is a MCA politician. If so, I really wanted to meet him in person. I never thought I would see a politician so muscular before. Previously, my assumptions are that they only sit in air-conditioned room dealing with the people, where did they get the time to exercise until like that. Slacking off, is it? So brave to post up a large signboard picture of himself for public view. Must be a very vain person.

And this is the building right across the road from the picture.

It is a little blur, but this is the Malacca fire department building. Instead of the usual “BOMBA” sign which signals fire brigade, the lettering shows out “BOMB”! Why did the firemen still dare to stay in this building? They should called the anti-explosive squad inside instead.