LEO Trip to Malacca – Part 1

By Lu


The crazy members of the LEO club. Instead of the usual charity works always held, the LEO club members instead decided to treat ourselves with a trip to Malacca.

I spent my whole weekend on a group trip with the LEO club members to A’Famosa Resort as well as touring around interesting places in Malacca.

The trip was fun with the committee members trying to have ice breaking games on board the bus. It was a chaotic ride all the way to Malacca. However, I was greeted with a sight I deemed to be quite inappropriate: “Melawat Melaka Bermakna Melawat Malaysia” which is roughly translated to “Visiting Malacca Means Visiting Malaysia”. For those who understand that no one country can be briefly described with a few words, they will understand why I am quite upset with this slogan. No two places are the same. You cannot compare the bustling city life of Kuala Lumpur to the tranquil beaches of Kuala Terengganu or mysterious virgin rain forest of Danum Valley. Even the attitude of the people in two places are not the same. Blah, how shortsighted is the Malacca Tourism Board when setting up this obnoxious signboard.

This is us in the bus. This is took once we managed to settle down.

Once we reach the place (a rented bungalow in the middle of nowhere), it was dark and all of us are hungry. At least they prepared some food beforehand to fill the stomachs first. Soon, some went on to sing karaoke and watch cartoons while others, including me, went on to slave at the barbecue pit to prepare chicken wings for the lazy bums consumption. One by one, the slaves left to join the entertainment inside the house until there were a few of us left. So, someone got naughty and in one by one, people were thrown and pushed into the swimming pool.

For those who claimed sanctuary by having any electronic gadgets like hand phones and cameras, they were not spared as the gang stripped the people of all belongings and whoosh, in you go. Fortunately for Matthew and me, we were spared to the last because we all still had electronic devices on us and the two last people who are still barbecuing food for them, partially also because I was barbecuing two chicken wing and threaten to stick the skewer into their asses if they come near me. Unfortunately, the immunity did not last long and we both scampered into the house when they show every bit of evil intention onto us. Sigh, I even broke my slipper strap in the process.

Safely inside the haven (bungalow), we join the entertainment of watching Tom and Jerry cartoons. Our joy was short felt when the outside people asked us to come out. Like idiots, the others went out, oblivious of the danger even after the warning I gave them.

Turns out, they are not pulling our legs after all because it was a suprise birthday celebration for one lucky girl. Still, both matthew and I are too afraid cautious to venture out in the first place. We only went out to enjoy the cake and then rush in again.

This is the lucky girl.

A group photo of us although everyone is looking at different cameras. Noticed that I almost cannot be seen because I am short and stand in the back since I am afraid they might pull a stunt on me if I get any closer to them. The swimming pool is just behind the photographer.

After everything is over, we head back into the house to play cards. However, it is not just any type of card game. It is an adapted version of doctor, police, murderers, and villagers where the position of the player is drawn out by the luck of the card’s drawn out. Here, the murderers are supposed to kill a villager each round while the doctor trying to rescue someone in the hope of preventing a death and the police trying to figure out who are the murderers. Then, the villagers are suppose to have a council (all position kept secret) where they kick off someone from the game whom the majority believed to be one of the murderers. It is all psychology here where the murderers try to convince the council that others are the murderers instead and the police also has his or her own opinion.

Anyway, I was fortunate (or is it unfortunate) to pick out the doctor position most of the time where I performed spectacularly awful with no one who I managed to rescue. This game took a few hours until 2am and beyond when it is disbanded after the participant are tired. However, I only sleep around 3am because I am waiting for the bathroom to shower.

And that concludes Day 1 and Night 1 of the Malacca Trip.