Just Open Your Mouth

By Lu


I’m fuming now. Why can’t people just open their mouth and ask? Today, I meet two computer illiterate Blacks (didn’t mean any racial discrimination here) trying to print out their lecture notes in the printing center. They were taking their sweet time mumbling around and rummaging through the computer. Being the nice and patient person that I am, I don’t care about them that much.

But the agony of waiting turns to minutes and yet they were still printing something (unfortunately, the printing center only has one computer for printing). Soon, another foreign student joined me. He was not as patient as me and within minutes, he already start grumbling to me about them.

By now, half an hour passed, and finally, one of them finish, I was about to go for my turn when his friend said: “Wait, I want to print too”. That was the last straw. Even the shop owner was also wondering what they are doing. Does it takes a man half an hour to print any lecture notes? Everyone in the center was looking at them before this, but they act like they know how to operate things. So, we keep mums. Turns out, they don’t know how to print with the computer, they do not understand the function of macro and painstakingly prints each and everyone of the slides which their lecturer gave them.

If they only open their mouth and ask, it would had been over within minutes. Instead, it took half an hour to complete. True, I am at fault too because I should have asked them what’s wrong. In the end, the owner’s son took pity on me and help me print out just one flimsy paper. Half an hour for just one paper. Not a good trade off at all!