INTI Idol 2008

By Lu


Arena of glory – Where stars shine.

INTI Idol just finalized into the final round. The stage is set. The participants are ready. So, let the show rolling. In this singing competition, the darling of Block A manage to land herself in the finals. So, as an act of support, a large group of us bought prime ticket seats right beside the stage to launch our supporting slogans and banners.

People tend to help others whom they know or is somehow related. Through social connections called ‘guan xi’, a single person can accumulate the support of the masses. The things we do to protect this social connection – screaming till the voice is hoarse, snapping up shots like a zealot fan and gathering together in blue themed color shirts to prove our undying support.

Though our star didn’t make it to the final two as the competition progress, we are still trying to obtain her a prize through the popularity votes (which involves money 🙁 ). Unfortunately, for all our gargantuan effort went down the drain when other participants with ‘guan xi’ of their own rise up to the occasion and snatch the popularity contest from right below our fingertips.

As far as the INTI Idol is concern, it seems the social connection is still not enough to overcame public opinion. The final winner is an international female student who, apparently seems to lacking in supporters as to the other more popular male finalist, even though the champion is determined by the majority votes. Congratulations to her.

To our bright star, although she may not take away the the championship, she is still a winner in our hearts. And for all the crazy stuffs the people at the other end of the ‘guan xi’ pulls off, what did we get in return? Apparently nothing, but… We still love you, Valerie!