Intention behind the facade

By Lu


Taiwan 02

(Taipei, Taiwan) Great friends. Unforgettable memories.

My time in Taiwan was great. Time past when I got great company. I meet truly interesting individuals that spice up my trip. It’s a waste that we have to part ways that soon but I hope we will crossed each other path some time in the future.

Taiwan 03

(Taipei, Taiwan) Food fest began at Shilin Night Market

Besides meeting new friends, the next best thing in Taiwan is the food. The Taiwanese I meet abroad used to comment on the great taste of their local food just like how a Malaysian would actually rave about the Malaysian cuisine. So, I guess I must come and taste out a bit of what Taiwan has to offer.

And, I found a interesting t-shirt that summarized what I should be doing more over there.

Taiwan 04

(Taipei, Taiwan) Shida Night Market: Taipei’s textile mecca