By Lu


It’s often the small talks that lets me know the person behind the name.

To the professor who earned his MBA to escape drafting for the Vietnam War, taking a two-year graduate course and finishing it in a year. Working three jobs at the same time to support his education and yet, graduate first in his class. To the same professor who went on to study law and conquered the corporate world with a list of extensions behind his name. During his course of work, rise and received recognition of the highest honors in his almost three decade out there in the field. To the professor who missed out on a couple more titles to his name because he wrote the qualification exam questions himself and felt it unethical if he took his own exams to receive the titles. That and many more, to one of the many professors and friends that inspire me of the unbound limits of human achievement and what they went through to achieve it.

And a quick shout out to another professor who worked 7 days a week, regardless of weekends and national holidays. The one who constantly reminded me not to take disastrous short cuts in life. You inspired me to be hardworking and put the greatest of effort into my passion, if possible.