Impersonal Touch and a Girl

By Lu


(Somewhere through cyberspace)

I was chatting with Julia a few days ago, and also quite recently via MSN. She put that I don’t have a personal touch in here. That what I wrote are mostly factual, and I seldom let people to indulge into my personal life from my writing, or in other words, dry content. She was hoping that I put something more of my personal thoughts, experiences, and my daily lifestyle into public view. While I won’t mind giving in to her, I don’t prefer to put too many personal opinions online as some views might be hurtful and cyber stalking is quite a trend right now.

Okay, I will honor her and put some of my more personal expression here.

If you notice the picture above, see at the large Malaysian flag behind her. If the size of the flag you have represents the loyalty you have to your country, then she will win the gold medal for sure. For example, during the last Malaysia’s National Day (note National Day, not Independence Day, dummy) celebration organized by the Malaysian Student Association, I was one of the only two who even bought a flag along to the celebration.

Blah, blah, blah.

I got a job now and earning at minimum wage. My main reason for this is not for the income, but rather for the social security number that comes with it, which will come in handy sooner or later. Another minor reason for the employment is that I blew several hundred dollars shopping for essential clothing and trying to cover up the deficit. I will definitely be seeking greener pasture next semester as working in an interaction intensive environment is not good for my jaw muscle. I might develop cramp by smiling too much. Plus, working as a blue collar requires more labor intensive participation then mental ones. Something which I don’t really look forward to.

On a positive note, a Fortune 500 company just requested for my resume. Apparently, I’m the only person who answer their trick question correctly out of a large mass and they were delighted till they asked me for my resume through email. Although, I do not intend to apply for any internship in the nearest possible moment, and thus, haven’t prepared a resume yet. I wonder if I did get into their blacklist because I haven’t contact their representative with my resume even though they requested me to do so about 2 weeks ago. Sigh, it’s a Fortune 500 company man!

The exams are approaching as well and as usual, I was still in holiday mood until it smack me in my face. With deadlines and some obligations to fulfill, I’m trying to figure out how others manage to juggle their schedule perfectly. Even though the fact that I slept 9 hours a day did not help me to free up some time during the day. Somehow, my precarious work ethics reach some higher official ears, and in response, they send me this to remind myself.

(Putrajaya, Malaysia) Symbol of a Neo-Authoritarian Ruling

And that’s it, for now.

Also, Julia has been asking me to transfer to Brown because she is lonely. So, attention to all Malaysians out there, especially males, do try to apply or transfer into Brown University in the shortest time possible. Once you are there, your main function will be to provide her with some company and cook some local cuisine once in a while for her. While I am able to cook delicious food like bak kut teh over here, it is impropable for her, or meĀ  to be purchasing airplane ticket just to provide her with some taste of home. Do try to enter Brown University because she is in high demand, or as Valerie puts it, “Convent girls are hot, hot, HOT!”

Bonus credits for those who bought a box of Milo along.